2021 Q1
  • Product Designing
  • Initial bring up
2021 Q2
  • Initial bring up
  • Product improvement
2021 Q3
  • Integrations with various DeFi protocols
  • Integration with pool together.
  • Bringing various yield farms.
2021 Q4
  • Start Raising a seed round
  • Integration with 1inch and Aave
  • Kommunitas on Polygon
  • NFT Minting via Mobile Camera
2022 Q1
  • Integration with Opensea
  • Completing integrations on Polygon
  • Initial Setup for cross chain transfer
  • Private Sale
2022 Q2
  • Initial bring up with BSC and fantom integration
  • Implementing cross chain assets transfer
  • Public Sale
2022 Q3
  • Initial bring up with Solana
  • Integration various protocols on BSC and fantom
2022 Q4
  • Initial bring up with Near
  • Integration with various protocols on BSC, Fantom and Solana
2023 Q1
  • Initial bringup with Moonbeam
  • Integration with various protocols on BSC, Fantom, Solana and near
App Screen

Our Powerful

All-In-One Wallets

Orange Wallet is the only mobile wallet completely focusing on Polygon which is every day experiencing increasing footfall and Orange wallet can contribute to the numbers and users, it focuses specifically on providing the best user experience at Polygon network and it has extensive potential to bring more user base to Polygon and protocols based on it with a native mobile experience.


We provide faster experience with transactions on Polygon


Transactions costs almost nothing on Polygon


User's data never leaves the device and multiple encryptions keeps private keys safe


Users get access to all DeFi protocols at one touch.

Key Features List

Buy Crypto without leaving your wallet, inbuilt Faucet (beta)

Only mobile wallet for Polygon, with support for wallet connect, staking and Defi.

A single app to manage assets on all the DeFi protocols.

Your portal to NFT world and Token Launches(ICOs)


Abhimanyu Shekhawat
Co-Founder - Blockchain developer
Akshit Ostwal
Co-Founder - Full Stack Developer
Manpreet Kaur
UI Designer and Developer
Satyabrat Sahoo
Flutter Developer
Sahil Khan
Graphic Designing and Marketing


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What is orange wallet?

A non-custodial crypto wallet specially focused on Polygon and its DeFi.

It provides users with a complete mobile experience from onboarding to layer2 (Polygon) to managing assets and interacting with Defi.

It isn't a trading platform it is a wallet that lets you manage all your assets.

Yes, it is in the early beta stage, so observe caution.

The orange wallet is one of the first Ethereum Layer 2 focused wallets. Unlike MetaMask or any other wallets where you have to add a custom Matic Mainnet RPC first, Orange Wallet comes with the Polygon network enabled natively by default. So you’re ready to access the world of DeFi on your mobile in the easiest way.

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